Deepika padukone without makeup


deepika without makeup Deepika padukone without makeup

One might think that Bollywood’s hot actress Deepika Padukone has no comparison when it comes to looks. But the real side of the actress has been captured by camera a lot of time. Deepika Padukone looks extremely weird without make up.

Deepika Padukone doesn’t like to wear make up whenever she goes out to play badminton and that’s when our shutterbugs captured her several times.

Click to see the worst side of Deepika Padukone.


Om Shanti Om exchequer Race 2, Deepika has dazzled on-screen with their enigmatical smiling and remember boggling looks. Say her eyes, poke or lovely lips, everything nigh our Dippy river is rightful so represent perfect. Umteen also undergo that Deepika can captivate you with her looks and frothy speech even without cosmetic. But, let’s see what you experience about Ms Padukone’s no represent up avatar…


deepika padukone without makeup 2013

deepika padukone without makeup pictures

scary looking deepika padukone without makeup

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